Solutions to Help You!

At Associated Maritime Pharmacies Limited we understand that people are not the same and sometimes need medication made especially for them.
Compounding is the science of creating custom medications from scratch to meet specific patient needs.

We can design medications specifically for each patient, working within a triad: physician-patient-pharmacist. If you feel your medications do not ‘fit’ you, if you have trouble giving medication to your child or family pet, if you worry about your aging parent taking their medication correctly, or if you have had to avoid taking medication because of an allergy or intolerance to an ingredient such as a filler, dye or fragrance; our pharmacist team can help you with a customized solution.

Compounded, everyday products we have on hand
  • Liquid Acetaminophen

  • Cough & Cold Lollipops

  • Sore Throat Lollipops

  • Liquid Ibuprofen

  • Motion Sickness Relief

  • Muscle Relaxant Therapy (regular & max. strength)

  • Scar Treatment Therapy

  • Wart Removal Therapy (max. strength)


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Halifax Bedford Compounding Medications

Medicine for children


Our pharmacists are able to add flavour to medications to make them more palatable, and thus easier for the child to take. Some medications can also be compounded as

lozenges, popscicles, lollipops & gummy bears.


More than pills or capsules


Our Guardian® Pharmacists will be able to tailor medications to meet the specific needs of each patient. Our pharmacist can put the medication in another form to best meet the patient’s needs.


Here are some of the compounding forms we can offer:

  • Solution

  • Suppository

  • Lozenge

  • Lollipop

  • Topical Cream

  • Topical Gel

  • Nebulizer or Inhaler


Precise dosages


We can create capsules with the precise dosage prescribed, so there is no more dividing pills! Often a patient will have to divide pills or take medication more often. This can be challenging for caregivers and patients. 


A better option?


  • Provides a solution for those patients who experience problems due to allergies or intolerance to inactive ingredients such as preservatives, dyes, lactose etc.

  • Provides a solution for those patients with the inability/or difficulty to swallow

  • Provides patients with an available alternative to medicines and dosage forms that have been discontinued by manufacturers due to low demand

  • Provides individualized dosage forms to meet your unique needs


Available forms


  • Preservative and Sugar Free Formulations

  • Suspensions

  • Veterinary Formulations

  • Urethral Inserts

  • Homeopathic Formulations

  • Lip Balms

  • Otic Solutions

  • Suspensions & Insufflations

  • Throat Sprays

  • Creams, Ointments, Sprays, Powders & Lotions

  • Dental Preparations

  • Hospice Consultations

  • Pain Formulations

  • Rectal Enemas

  • Nausea Formulations

  • Vaginal Creams

  • Suppositories & Transdermal Gels

  • Medicated Lozenges, Popscicles, Lollipops & Gummy Bears

  • Nasal Sprays & Solutions

  • Pediatric Formulations

  • Sublingual Troches & Tablets

  • Discontinued Combinations

  • Delayed Formulations

  • Medicated Lollipops and Popsicles